Should you always opt for fresh vegetables and fruits rather than frozen? Elizabeth Tracey reports


Fresh vegetables are always a better choice than frozen, right? Not so, says Jaclyn Rose, a dietician at Johns Hopkins.

Rose: In terms of nutritional value there’s really no significant difference in fresh versus frozen foods. I actually am constantly recommending frozen vegetables. They’re a great way to reduce food waste, they save time when preparing meals, and you’re still getting the same amount of nutrition as you would from a fresh product. So really there’s no difference as far as nutritional value there. What I recommend is having variety in your cooking methods, and in how you’re eating your vegetables. And also balancing fresh versus cooked vegetables, that’s the best way to maintain the vitamins and minerals and also to get a variety.  :33

Rose notes that you do want to purchase plain frozen vegetables and not those packed in butter or other sauces, to keep their nutritional value high. At Johns Hopkins, I’m Elizabeth Tracey.