Should you see a doctor about that itch? Elizabeth Tracey reports


Bumps, skin lesions, and rashes are among the things dermatologists see on a regular basis, and another time they may be called in is when someone experiences persistent itching. Johns Hopkins dermatologist Mary Shue explains.

Shue: Itching is another really common dermatologic symptom. It shouldn't be persisting. If your itch is not resolving with moisturizers and a little cortisone then definitely see a doctor because itching although most of the time is just associated with dryness or eczema, sometimes bug bites, it can also be associated with other internal conditions such as kidney gallbladder liver and thyroid conditions sometimes it could be a pinched nerve.  :32

Shue says persistent itching can also be a sign of cancers such as lymphoma or leukemia, so it’s important to follow up on this symptom. At Johns Hopkins, I’m Elizabeth Tracey.