When is hair loss a problem? Elizabeth Tracey reports


We all shed hair daily, and we do so at different rates. Yet Mary Shue, a dermatologist at Johns Hopkins, says sometimes hair shedding patterns change dramatically enough that it’s time to see a dermatologist.

Shue: Another condition that we see oftentimes which can be associated with some internal issues is hair loss. If you're experiencing rapid shedding that is unusual for you that might be a signal that there could be something else happening. Shedding can be associated with a recent medical illness, delivering a baby, been having that postpartum shedding is really normal. It can also be associated with weight loss, thyroid conditions, some autoimmune conditions such as lupus, vitamin D deficiency iron deficiency and anemia.  :32

Shue says much of the time accelerated hair loss will be alleviated when the underlying health condition improves, and that may take some time. She notes that both men and women may also experience hair thinning or loss with age. At Johns Hopkins, I’m Elizabeth Tracey.