There are several health conditions where you might think first of a dermatologist, Elizabeth Tracey reports


When you think dermatologist you might think first of diagnosing and treating skin cancers, and that is certainly one place these experts come in. Mary Shue, a dermatologist at Johns Hopkins, says there are several other types of health conditions you might experience where a dermatologist would be appropriate to consult. 

Shue: Why would you see a dermatologist? When something is new to you, a new growth or something that is just not normal for you, such as hair loss. If you develop something that should go away but doesn't go away, so a pimple that just doesn't heal. And then if you have skin findings that are associated with some systemic problems like fever and a rash or joint pain so those are all reasons why you should seek expert advice.  :27

Shue says when assessing your own health and conditions that may be unusual for you, listen to your inner voice and don’t worry about being an alarmist. She says enlisting the opinion of an expert may help ward of a potentially serious health problem. At Johns Hopkins, I’m Elizabeth Tracey.