Want to know what your pediatrician is thinking? Elizabeth Tracey reports


When your child’s pediatrician wants to know the latest on kids’ diseases and conditions, chances are good they’ll consult the Harriett Lane Handbook, published by the Johns Hopkins Children’s Center and updated by pediatrics residents. Nichole Shilkofski, the book’s editor, says the book’s popularity speaks for itself.

Shilkofski: Many pediatricians still do use it as the go to source in terms of quick reference information and that's really what it's intended to be, the material in the book designed to be easily accessible as a quick reference. What I like to refer to as just in time knowledge. I think that it's also notable that the book has been translated into over 10 languages just really become something that's been disseminated worldwide, applicable across not only general pediatrics but also for specialists who see children coming in with other conditions that they may not be as familiar with.    :33

Shilkofski notes that many pediatricians use the app to stay current. At Johns Hopkins, I’m Elizabeth Tracey.