Where does your pediatrician turn for to stay current? Elizabeth Tracey reports


The Harriett Lane Handbook has just published its 23rd edition, and chances are good that your child’s pediatrician uses it, since it is updated every three years by pediatrics residents at the Johns Hopkins Children’s Center. Nicole Shilkofski, the book’s editor, says now more than ever much of the content is electronic.

Shilkofski: That’s the advantage to having he digital content there's supplemental digital content that's only available online and that can be updated on a regular basis. The actual book itself we republish and re edit every three years.  That's in keeping with the way clinical practice guidelines are updated. In many ways it does become a continuous process because although it's every three years as soon as the new edition is published we're right away pairing the new residents up with faculty mentors and they start thinking about the chapter and what needs to be revised. :33

Shilkofski notes that this year podcasts also comprise some of the content. At Johns Hopkins, I’m Elizabeth Tracey.