What are good dietary sources of probiotics? Elizabeth Tracey reports


Keeping your gut healthy is a good strategy for improving and maintaining your overall health, many studies demonstrate. Ashli Greenwald, a dietician at Johns Hopkins, says consuming probiotics may be the best way to help your gut microbiome.

There are different ways that we can receive probiotics. Being a dietitian I always encourage people let's get it through the diet because that's the best way to assure you're getting it in the greatest form and probably in the most effective form. Let's talk a little bit about what foods contain probiotics.  One of the best sources is going to be coming from fermented soy foods so like tempe or miso. When we got miso sometimes the heat breaks apart the effectiveness of the probiotics so maybe if we make a salad dressing with some miso paste. :32

Greenwald says if you’re new to consuming lots of probiotics, start slowly and experiment with foods you like so the habit is easier to maintain. At Johns Hopkins, I’m Elizabeth Tracey.