You may be able to improve your gut microbiome with what you eat, Elizabeth Tracey reports


Should you be incorporating probiotics into your diet? Ashli Greenwald, a dietician at Johns Hopkins, says in terms of taking steps to improve your overall health, the answer is a resounding yes.

What probiotics are, they are live micro organisms that we actually eat and when we eat them they help grow more of the good gut bacteria, they give you a more diverse micro organism in our gut, the gut microbiome. So we want to incorporate some probiotics so we have more good gut bacteria  and less of the bad gut bacteria. Probiotics can definitely play a role in helping with our gut microbiome so it's our stomach and our intestine.  :30

Greenwald says good sources of probiotics are as close as your grocery store shelves.  She says with few exceptions, taking a probiotic supplement isn’t necessary, since you can promote and maintain good bacteria in your gut by utilizing food sources. At Johns Hopkins, I’m Elizabeth Tracey.